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Exercise is essential to human well-being especially when the stresses and strains of life lead to poor health. The best exercise isn’t necessarily obsessive competition.


Vision problems can also lead to sporting difficulties and cause stress, which even after correction will need a period of recovery

I can’t think of a better way to rehabilitation than a combination of swimming and thoughtful meditation, which Tai Chi and yoga teach


Tereza is a great coach and uniquely qualified to combine both forms of therapy and open the door to even the most fearful of swimmers to these wonderful forms of exercise


Geraint Griffiths MSc M.ASvP MCOptom

Chair The Association of Sport and Schoolvision Practitioners (ASvP) 


Art of Swimming


"It has been a real pleasure working with Tereza. I first met [her] in 2012 at a butterfly workshop and her dedication and commitment to developing a fluid and sustainable butterfly has been amazing. Her passion for teaching and learning all the swimming strokes is really contagious and I am delighted to recommend her to anyone interested in developing a better, more positive relationship with the water."

- Steven Shaw, Founder of the Shaw Method, December 2018 -

Konfidence supplies swimwear, beachwear and swimming aids.


"Tereza is a committed and experienced swim teacher who uses a number of holistic methods to complement her swimming teaching methodology to create a rounded and balanced learning experience."

- Andrew Regan, CEO and Owner of Konfidence -