The Shaw Method

The Shaw Method is a highly refined method of teaching by ensuring the student's body is in full alignment, while encouraging full awareness and mindfulness. This helps the students to avoid injuries.

The main principles of the strokes are broken down into several movements and joined back together into the full sequence after these have been understood. The student will only put the sequence together once they have fully understood what is going on during land training. This works very well for individuals who are cautious in the water as the strokes are introduced at the student's own pace.

It is important to understand that physical contact is part of the Shaw Method training to help with confidence and overcome fear.  Physical contact is not applied in mainstream teaching therefore it often takes longer for an individual to gain confidence. The Shaw Method is a quick and safe way to achieve proficiency in the strokes.

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Land Work for Butterfly.


Here Steven is manipulating Tereza's spine from the lower lumbar region to the upper back. This trains the arms to recover after completing the full stroke.

Performing a Glide


In this clip, Tereza performs a full stroke in a vertical standing position before pushing off into a glide. Steven makes sure that her arms and head are positioned correctly to ensure complete alignment and the fluidity of the stroke.

Full Butterfly Stroke


This clip demonstrates Tereza putting all of the land training and water training into practice, and swimming the Butterfly with a breath every two strokes.