"As a 75 year old non-swimmer I was nervous as to whether at my age, I would be able to learn to swim adequately to be able to enjoy my holidays abroad.  After only three lessons, I felt confident and was actually enjoying my time in the water.  Tereza is very patient and filled me with the confidence to not be afraid of the water anymore."

- Elizabeth, June 2019


"A superb teacher who inspires confidence and trust. Her wonderful personality give you the will and determination to overcome your fears and panic attacks. The course of lessons is worth every penny you come awy with the joy of enjoying swimming. Thank you Tereza"


- Eunice, May 2019


"My daughter was terrified of swimming, when she first started her lessons in February 2018. Tereza has been extremely patient and she has encouraged my daughter to gain great confidence in the water. 


My seven-year-old can now swim brilliantly under water and she has no fear. My daughter has grown very fond of Tereza, she feels completely relaxed with her and her teaching methods have given my daughter the confidence she needed.


I would highly recommend Swim and Soar to all my family and friends. The lessons are great value and we feel our daughter has achieved far more in her private 1:1 lessons than we ever thought possible. 


We want to thank Tereza for being a fantastic teacher and for giving our daughter the confidence to learn to swim"

- Becky and Sean, May 2019


"We did enjoy our lessons.

We would recommend you to a friend. why= it is good when you have a very strong fear like us to go one to one and Tereza  is a very good teacher.

It is a good experience

The lessons are very good value"  

- Jeanie and Kevin, May 2019


"My two young daughters have really enjoyed their lessons. They have both enjoyed the clear instructions and calm approach. I enjoyed bringing them to the lessons, really good value for money for 1-1 tuition and I hope to continue with these classes as soon as possible! I would certainly recommend these lessons to someone wanting their children to learn in a good environment. My daughters have loved it!" 

- Hannah, May 2019


"Thank you Tereza for giving me the courage to get into the water. I now know that I have an inner strength to overcome most obstacles (usually of my own making).

Your patience and encouragement are boundless.

Having 1-1 and in a quiet, private setting made the whole experience enjoyable.

I was embarrassed originally when I first considered having swimming lessons but now I find myself telling my friends and colleagues all about my new skills.

My only regret is that I left it so late in my life to learn how to swim.

I will keep making it 'bubbles first'"

- Jen, February 2019



"I would have no hesitation in recommending Tereza as a fabulous swimming instructor. Your children will not only learn to swim but gain a huge amount of confidence in the water.  


We have found the lessons great value for money, our children get Tereza's complete attention for half an hour and she is right by them in the pool, demonstrating and supporting, praising the children for the things they achieve.


Both the children and us parents have looked forward to lessons each Friday. It's also the little things that count- from the text each week as a reminder and confirmation of the lesson to the stickers that the children get to choose.


A great teacher and a great, quiet environment to learn to swim are two brilliant reasons to choose Swim and Soar."

- Anupa, Februrary 2019 



"My son is a sensitive soul and can be “put off” doing almost any activity. However, with Tereza’s approach his whole attitude has changed around being in water and learning to swim. He has also expressed a wish to carry on learning with Tereza to reach the highest level of swimming he can. Something I thought I would never hear him say.

I am ecstatic and extremely proud how much my son has achieved with Tereza’s guidance. I would highly recommend anyone be it child or adult to have swimming lessons with Tereza as I am extremely satisfied and grateful I found her."

- Claire, Graham and Elliott,  January 2019 -



"It has been a real pleasure working with Tereza. I first met [her] in 2012 at a butterfly workshop and her dedication and commitment to developing a fluid and sustainable butterfly has been amazing. Her passion for teaching and learning all the swimming strokes is really contagious and I am delighted to recommend her to anyone interested in developing a better, more positive relationship with the water."

- Steven Shaw, Founder of the Shaw Method, December 2018 -



"Since a teenager I had developed a fear of putting my head under the water and that had manifested itself further over the last couple of years and the simple activity of blowing bubbles across the surface of the swimming pool which I had managed to do whilst taking my children to baby swimming sessions had become an issue."


"During my first session I stepped over a massive hurdle, you helped me to conquer my fear/worry and I had my head submerged under the water with my eyes open and blowing bubbles.   Even by the end of the 6 weeks if I hadn’t have learnt the technique for front crawl I had achieved something I didn’t think I would be able to achieve in one session let alone 6 sessions." 


- Joe -


"I would like to thank you so much it might not seem a lot to you but I think that I have come on so much. When the 6 lessons are up I shall have to wait until the new year to come again, but I will be back. I really want to do this so I am not going to give up.” 


- Elizabeth -


I achieved my goal but learnt so much more! I am now far more confident in the water.! I know how to relax and use the water to aid me.

The exercises and techniques learnt will always help me to ‘Swim and Soar’, and to ‘enjoy, enjoy, enjoy’ my swimming in the future. I would highly recommend Tereza to my friends and have done so. I enjoyed my lessons immensely. They were amazing and can not think of anyway that they could have been improved." 

- Teresa M -




"We took our grandson for individual swimming lessons becuase he had barely made any progress after taking part in more traditional group lessons for a year and we had heard good reports about the techniques  employed by Tereza Beardsmore of Swim and Soar. 

We have not regretted our decision for one moment. It is a delight to see his increasing skills in the water as well as the obvious confidence that he shows in his relationship with Tereza. Her infinite patience is enabling him to achieve so much through her careful, incremental approach. His new found self-belief is a testament to this.

Our grandson always looks forward to his lessons which are balanced between revision, example, practice, progression, fun and reward. He always leaves the water feeling that he has achieved something. All we can say is keep up the good work."

- Patricia & John -



My 13 sessions learning the correct way to swim the front crawl with Tereza was such a pleasure, she was tough on me mastering the correct technique but with a wicked sense of humour.

As a 67 year old with one knee replacement down and the other on its way, my mobility is limited, she encourage and supported me all the way, the patience of a Saint. Not only did I learn to swim but her advice in  life chooses has given me a new look on the future, my posture, exercise and diet are now important to my wellbeing."

- Julia -



"I did not like water before I had lessons with Tereza. She was very patient and kind to me when I was not able to follow her instructions very well due to my fear of water." 

- Qi -



I have greatly enjoyed our sessions. Whilst I still haven't 
completely mastered butterfly, what I have achieved is far beyond my 
initial expectations, and I have certainly enjoyed learning, and will 
continue to enjoy practising and slowly improving (perhaps!) 



"Thank you Tereza for all the hard work and patience you have put in with Toby. Toby has so much improved under your brilliant tuition. Brilliant swimming teacher."

- Marilena - 


"When James joined swimming lessons he couldn't swim at all, but now he is very confident and he knows so much about water. The teacher has been so patient; you can feel that she has put here 100% effort in every single lesson. James has enjoyed every single lesson"

- Fran -


"Tereza, you have been a great inspiration to both Charles and Amelia. We have had other teachers in the past, but you certainly show your enthusiasm and passion for teaching. Both children are excited about their lessons and talk about you all week. Whilst we are practicing [they both shout] bubbles!"

- Matt and Sue -


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